10/3/20 BIWA Women’s Day Breakfast at the Yiğitali Kadınlar Derneği

3/3/20 BIWA Board meeting at Happy Flowers Cafe

25/2/20 BIWA lunch at Niş Cafe

18/2/20 Gourmet Club (host: Rușen)

15/2/20 BIWA Carnival Costume Party

11/2/20 Board meeting at Dernekler Yerleşkesi

4/2/20 Coffee Hour at Caramell Cake (Podyum Park)

7/1/20 BIWA Board meeting at Uzay/Turkuaz

The BIWA Board is planning the upcoming events and activities of 2020.

3/12/19 BIWA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Ladies Dinner 

1/12/2019 BIWA members at the IWI Winter Festival 

26/11/19 November Gourmet Club (host: Çiğdem Nathalie) 

20/11/19 BIWA moms and kids meeting at the Technology Museum 

16/11/19 Picnic and St.Martin Lantern Walk at Balat ormanı

Maybe for the first time in BIWAs history the St.Martin Lantern Walk took place in spring-like weather conditions… that’s also why this year BIWAs traditional after-dinner has been switched to a before-picnic! As usual for BIWA the menu was awesome and very International from German Bretzels over Dutch Applepie to Korean-style Sushi… yummi! Kids enjoyed playing at the playground before and after the actual walk with traditional German songs (and also Dutch this year) and were more than proud to show their self-made lanterns! As every year at the end each  child received a traditional German treat called “Weckmann”! A big thank you especially to Bianca Bu. for the great organization and to Edith for taking our pictures!

7/11/19 BIWA kids have been offered a Basketball trial lesson at the Gücyetmez Akademi 

5/11/19 Lunch at Hasır önü et lokantası 

2/11/19 BIWA Halloween Party 2019

The BIWA Halloween Party has become famous and extremely popular! Already days before the actual event it was fully booked! About 100 of our BIWA members, their  children and guest families had a great time celebrating together… Ghosts, Skeletons, Supermen, Princesses all in the same place! A rich buffet made and sponsored by BIWA members, nice kids games including several self-made piñatas and of course the trick or treating around the Dikencik site to fill up the kids candy bags made it an unforgettable event… A special Thank you to our members Dani for taking over the organization and stress, to Çiğdem Nathalie for the enormous support and to Sarah for once more opening her site to us! BIWA is lucky to have you!

23/10/19 Halloween Party preparation meeting

22/10/19 Gourmet Club (host: Delphine)

8/10/19 Ladies Night Out at Asmadan (Podyum)

6/10/19 Eker I run 

Our BIWA member Sevtap made it! Many congratulations from all of us:)

1/10/19 Coffee Hour at kahveci (parkora)

26/9/19 September Gourmet Club (host: Edith) 

17/9/19 BIWA Board meeting and BIWA Lunch at 21masa

12/9/19 Farewell meeting and BIWA Lunch/Coffee at Nevale (Korupark)

5/9/19 BIWA Lunch at Pronto

20/08/19 BIWA Coffee Hour at Şahinbey Sofrası

31/7/19 BIWA supports the Women’s shelter by bringing donations from BIWA members and friends

24/7/19 BIWA Coffee Hour and Lunch in Merinos at Glutensiz yerim

3/7/19 BIWA collects garbage in Balat ormanı to help making our city cleaner

Making the world a cleaner place? 8 BIWA ladies plus 8 of their children (age 0-9) took action and started cleaning our city’s park Balat ormani by picking up the garbage around the playground area… thanks to our member Simone we had the perfect bags to clean: one bag-bir çanta (her website will be available soon) and thanks to our member Sarah we got our energy to clean from delicious home-made chocolate cookies 🙂 Thank you to everyone for coming and volunteering!  Still lots of work is waiting there, so we‘re planning on repeating soon….

30/5/19 BIWA All-in-1-Day: Coffee Hour / Breakfast / Gourmet Club / Farewell Celebration / Ladies Dinner at Pronto

In the morning around 15 BIWA ladies and 7 children met in our members in-laws’ garden in Hamamlıkızık to start the day together with a rich breakfast, coffee, lots of chatting and fun and also (sadly) to farewell our members Maria, Nathalie and Sandie. We will miss you so much! Everyone brought a delicious dish, so it’s been our May Gourmet Club all in once:) Thank you to our member Barbara for introducing a great game to us! At the same evening a group of BIWA women met at Pronto to enjoy  dinner together and again to farewell our leaving members… Thank you all for joining and making this day special!

27/5/19 Charity – BIWA donated 5 Laptops to female High School students in need

23/5/19 BIWA goes to Tofaş

BIWA members and family members supported the Bursa Basketball team by watching the game live… and it worked 🙂 We won 102-76 against Beşiktaş!

21/5/19 Board meeting and coffee at Nevale

10/5/19 Lunch at Pronto

10/5/19 BIWA Company visit at Ipeker textile

A group of six BIWA women visited the Ipeker textile company, where they had a warm welcoming and were provided with a lot of information about the historical and todays textile production. Moreover they have received a very interesting and detailed tour through the companies design and production areas. We want to thank our member Ella and especially  her husband for taking the time for us and introducing us to this topic in such an enthusiastic way! And one more thank you for the present bag, that each of the visiting BIWA members were given! It was a really nice experience!


The Garage Sale 2019 at Podyum Park was a great success! In total more than 10.000TL income has been raised which is the biggest amount in BIWAs history so far. Therefore BIWA wants to thank everyone who donated clothes, toys, books, presents, gift cards, money and many other items, we are overwhelmed by all the donations! A special Thank you goes to the Üç Mart Okulu and the Pembe Kule Anaokulu who both helped collecting for BIWAs Garage Sale Day!
A big Thank you also to the students of the ÇEK Güler Osman Köseoğlu Ortaöğretim Kız Öğrenci Yurdu (dormitory) and to their director Leyla hanım for helping BIWA with the selling part on Garage Sale Day! You were great! All incomes from the BIWA Garage Sale 2019 are spend on computers to support BIWAs current charity project. At the end of the day some of the BIWA Board members celebrated the success…Cheeers!

3/5/19 BIWA Garage Sale Sorting Day

BIWA thanks all volunteers for their support – a special thank you to our members Sarah and Edith for opening their houses to us!

30/4/19 Coffee Hour at Uzay Podyum Park and Garage Sale Preparation

14/4/19 Easter Brunch at Manej Café

BIWAs Easter Brunch at Manej Cafe was a big success! Nice people, a delicious breakfast, great kids activities (egg coloring & decorating, egg hunt etc.) plus NO rain… made it a wonderful day! We want to thank everyone for joining, additionally BIWA collected 475TL from donations for our current charity project. A special thanks to our member Çiğdem Nathalie for baking tasty and super cute cookies!

5/4/19 April Gourmet Club (host: Songül)

2/4/19 Intercultural Seminar at the ÇEK Güler Osman Köseoğlu Ortaöğretim Kız Öğrenci Yurdu

About 10 BIWA members (plus 5 BIWA kids) and around 30 of the 74 female High School students who are staying at the ÇEK Güler Osman Köseoğlu Ortaöğretim Kız Öğrenci Yurdu (dormitory) were holding an INTERCULTURAL SEMINAR at the student’s dormitory which was a great success! The idea was to give first hand information about foreign countries to the students, to make them get in contact to foreigners in general and also to improve their English skills. During the seminar 5 countries were introduced to the students via short power-point presentations (and also via a little typical snack for the introduced country) prepared by our Biwa members: Austria (Barbara), Germany (Bianca, Lisa, Saskia), Japan (Şirin), Netherlands (Çiğdem Nathalie) and USA (Ella, Sarah). Our members Sevtap and Ruşen helped with the translation, our member Cansu supported us by taking pictures and videos. We want to thank everyone who participated and helped making this day so special! BIWA also donated 2 Laptops to the students.

9/4/19 Board meeting

2/4/19 Lunch at Pronto

19/3/19 Lunch at Sehergah Café

18/3/19 March Gourmet Club (host: Simone and Maria)

8/3/19 Women‘s Day at Aksu köyü and museum visit

For this years March 8th Women’s Day activity a group of BIWA women went on a road trip and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day with a delicious breakfast at the Aksu women’s association. Since it was Women‘s Day the BIWA women handed over little presents to the active village women. The presents were donated by our President Ella, thank you!
Afterwards the joining BIWA members went on a little village walk and visited the Aksu köyü museum. As can be read from the many smiling faces it was a nice and fun tour for everyone!

8/3/19 Ladies Night at Palivor

23/2/19 Family Carnival Costume Party

This years BIWA Family Carnival Costume Party has taken place in the sosyal tesis of Dikencik country, a big thanks to our member Sarah for making this possible! All of our little ones were wearing colorful costumes, from princesses to witches, dancers, cowboys, firefighters, robots… everyone joined the Carnival Party! The kids got entertained by 2 clowns with little games, face painting and lots of balloons. All of our members contributed to an amazing buffet with lots of tasty sweet and salty snacks, of course popcorn and the traditional German carnival pastry ‘Berliner’ were present as well. BIWA collected 785TL from donations for our current charity project. Also for the first time BIWA used environmental-friendly washable plates during the Party, thank you to our members Edith and Bianca for initiating and taking care of this!

20/2/19 February Gourmet Club (host: Cansu) 

19/2/19 Coffee Hour at Sweet Cake House

5/2/19 Board meeting and Lunch at Park Izgara

22/1/19 January Gourmet Club (host: Ruhen)

01/19 BIWA members on tour
Starting the year together with BIWA members and BIWA friends:)

left to right: Torino (Italy), Bansko (Bulgaria), Paris (France)